Edible Flower Craze

Edible Flower are on high demand. You might have seen pretty flowers floating around in cocktails, incorporated into decorations on cakes and used in fancy recipes you only seem to see on Instagram. If you actually want to eat them you’ve usually got to book a table at a fancy restaurant or head to a … Continued

How to Be Properly Pedantic About Fruits and Vegetables

If you think you’re a smartypants because you know a tomato is a fruit, buckle up. You’re right, but a tomato is also a vegetable. And rice is a fruit. And some of the things you think are fruits—strawberries, for example—aren’t actually what they seem. “Vegetable” Is Not a Scientific Term Before we get into … Continued

Courgette Crisis 2017

In a crisis we haven’t seen the likes of since the National Biscuit Shortage of 2016, the UK is currently in the midst of shortage of courgettes. Some supermarkets have reportedly more than doubled the price of the vegetable after unexpectedly cold weather in Spain and Italy, where European supplies of courgettes are grown, affected … Continued

Christmas came early for Mill Road Fruit and Veg

Mill Road Fruit and Veg emerged the overwhelming winner for the ‘Derry Journal Business of the Year’ award. Specialising in preparing quality fruit and veg for a wide range of customers, the popular Mill Road store, owned by the McAteer family continues to thrive. The husband and wife partnership of Maurice and Christine McAteer were … Continued